Consulting & Training

One of the most difficult challenges restaurant managers face is maintaining sufficient levels of well-trained, professional staff. This challenge increases with positions that require specialized skills, such as bartending, that may not be possessed by every employee. Too often due to staffing shortages, managers have no choice but to put a server or even a new-hire behind the bar with little to no previous bar experience or formal training. This can result in a bar staff with incomplete drink-making skills, inconsistent presentation, and inadequate job knowledge to maximize beverage sales. This is unfortunate, as the bar should be one of the most profitable, self-sufficient areas of the restaurant.

Our Training Philosophy
Over the last two decades, I have developed a specialized training program just for bar staff designed to eliminate these potential weaknesses and ensure consistency, efficiency, and maximum sales at your bar. My unique approach to bar training begins with a preliminary evaluation which includes observing your bar in action during high-volume business hours, staff and management interviews, and a complete walk-through of your beverage storage, handling, and delivery systems. Armed with this information, I will generate a custom training plan for your bar and its staff. Focus areas of each plan include:

-Product knowledge
-Drink-making skills
-Product consistency and presentation
-Efficient operating procedures
-Sanitation and hygiene
-Sales skills
-Developing repeat business and regulars

The emphasis of my bar training program is to create a warm, welcoming environment that will enhance the overall dining experience, encourage guests to return, and maximize product movement. I will provide your bar staff with the skills and knowledge to create that most valuable of restaurant assets: the comfortable, professional bar requiring minimal management intervention and generating a steady stream of dedicated regulars – all the while skillfully selling product with some of the lowest costs and highest profits on your menu.

Our Approach to Sales
Instead of the all-too-common “features-and-benefits” sales techniques used in most restaurants, I teach a much more effective consultative approach to selling that unfortunately is usually only associated with enterprise-level sales. However, consultative selling skills are within the grasp of even the newest server, though they are rarely if ever applied to the restaurant industry. My sales techniques will move your servers away from the traditional “talking menu” approach to serving and refocus them on learning to read the guest, establishing rapport and trust, and then skillfully guiding your guests through a dining experience that will result in a return visit and an increase in both sales volume and customer loyalty!

Other Offerings
I also offer comprehensive bar design and consultation services for new or existing bars and restaurants. Holding degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from Duke University, I am uniquely qualified to deliver either a comprehensive opening plan or a complete makeover for your establishment, including:

-Bar and systems design.
-Equipment selection and layout.
-On-site management of contractors.
-Obtaining your state liquor license.
-Board of Health inspection and certification.

Certification Programs
We offer the following certifications, which can be grouped together into one or more training sessions as needed:

-Responsible Alcohol Service (may qualify establishment for insurance discount)
-New York State Responsible Vendor Program (significantly limits penalties for first violation)

-Responsible Alcohol Service (may qualify establishment for insurance discount)

American Red Cross
-Adult/Child/Infant CPR (used in conjunction with CPR Kit required by Department of Health)
-Adult/Child AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
-First Aid
-Asthma Inhaler
-Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector (often used in food allergy emergencies)

Our Commitment To You
I am committed to helping you provide your guests with the most enjoyable, professional, and consistent dining experience possible. My goal is to increase profits while decreasing the need for management oversight. I maintain total client confidentiality, and will safeguard all recipes, proprietary systems, and privileged information. If you’re interested in having me open your restaurant, train your staff, or just tune-up your bar, please contact me.